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Mineral Marketing

ABOUT Mineral Marketing

Headquartered in Alva, Oklahoma with regional offices and participants throughout the U.S., MineralMarketing.Com is a nation-wide marketing company providing superior marketing services specifically designed for American oil & gas assets.

Our company’s detailed approach to the energy market generates thousands of successful transactions from a qualified portfolio of prospective buyers which are comprised of investors, producers, operators and publicly-traded companies with nearly unlimited purchasing power. By combining the influence of these prospects we ensure a complete market for our client’s oil & gas minerals and energy assets. Our company is aggressively pursuing targets in most every major energy play across the United States and we are actively seeking new opportunities to better serve our clients.


Mineral owners have repeatedly turned to MineralMarketing.Com to expose their energy assets to the national and international marketplace. Our company was built by rural land and mineral owners, so we relate to our client’s goals and objectives on a daily basis. The primary benefit an owner receives when working with MineralMarketing.Com is our comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas operational process. Our ability to level the playing field when selling or leasing a client’s assets to institutional buyers, investors and E&P companies is paramount to maximizing the energy assets value.

We offer several platforms for divestiture of mineral rights and energy assets which include: (Privately Negotiated Transactions, Mineral Lease Negotiation, Sealed Bid Packages, Live Auction Events, and Online Internet Auction Events).


MineralMarketing.Com has successfully developed relationships with individual investors and energy companies both nationally and internationally. Our diverse inventory of oil and gas minerals and energy assets across the U.S., offer prospective buyers an opportunity to source and secure desired acquisitions. We understand that both mineral rights leasing and outright purchases require relevant information and appropriate due diligence. Our goal is to provide even the most sophisticated client the information they need to make a well informed purchase.


  • Oil and Gas Mineral Rights
  • Producing and Non-Producing Mineral Interests
  • Oil and Gas Royalty Interest
  • Overriding Royalty Interest
  • Working Interest
  • Oil & Gas Service Companies
  • Oil & Gas Assets and Equipment
  • Mineral Rights Leasing and Lease Negotiation
  • Energy Industry A&D Consulting

Our strategic plan for growth is reinforced by leveraging existing relationships in the industry, while continually building new alliances to offer a complete market for oil & gas minerals and energy assets.

We maneuver aggressively with a “bias for action” in a venue where “timing is everything”.

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